Mora returns Home with a clear goal in mind

When Mora made his way to Germany seven years ago, he already had a clear goal in mind. For a better perspective for himself and his family, he accepted the distance and promised himself not to come back empty-handed on his return, but with a vision, plans and means to help his country.

We Gambians do not lack will or skills, but technical and financial resources. I am sure that with such support we are capable of great things..

Mora Saho

For Mora, who was born and raised in Gambia, the sudden changes were certainly not easy to experience. Two countries could not be more different. The people, the food and especially the weather!

But these circumstances were worth it to enable a change and improvement. Even though it wasn’t easy at first, he met friends and people who welcomed and helped him like a second family. This helped him to keep his eyes on his goals and to stay strong even in moments of loneliness and homesickness.

He trained as a mechanic because the first step in his rear was to build a workshop. In order to help his people to exploit their own potential, they needed opportunities to build something, to repair it and, above all, to teach the knowledge to others.

With the help of Klaus Wiesler and his wife, both passionate helpers with a strong connection to Gambia, Mora set to work organizing funding for the country. In the course of his time in Germany, the relationship between Mora and the Wiesler family became familiar, and thanks to the cooperation with the association “Bena Bena The Gambia e.V.” they achieved a lot.

Working in The Gambia

Armed with knowledge and funding created by the outstanding cooperation with the SEZ, a foundation for development and cooperation, he immediately started building the workshop.

Step by step, with the help of his friends from Germany, he is working on the idea of relocating the production of sustainable mobility to The Gambia in order to have the opportunity to look into a promising future. With the support of the student project “GaSoLen”, a cooperation between two universities, he should succeed. Mora is finally home with his family and thanks for the help and wonderful time in Germany.

Communication with Mora takes place regularly despite the distance, so that we can post up-to-date information on the construction and completion of the workshop at any time.

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