Use of GASOLEN Technology

Below you can see an example of how it is possible to use GASOLEN technology. In our example, we installed the system in an old Piaggio APE. If you want to build your own vehicle with our system you can use our “guide” as an example. Hopefully it will help you with brainstorming or problems that arise during the process.

Step by Step Instruction

Our Vehicle system

Before you start, check out how our system works

Dismantling of the Differential

We will show you how we removed the old differential of the APE motor in order to use it for our new drive

Assembly of the Solar cell

Here you can see how we attached the solar cells to the old APE body in order to charge the used batteries

Installation of the Drive

In this step we will show you how we installed the generator and connected it to the old drive system

Installation of the System

Check out how we installed the system into the interior of the Piaggio APE