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How can reliable mobility in The Gambia be made sustainable and accessible to many people?









The GASOLEN Powerbox

Our approach addresses the problem of very limited mobility in developing countries and specifically The Gambia. People in these countries lack access to private mobility because the public transport network is poor and very expensive. A western system with petrol-driven cars is not sustainable and especially not financially viable for the local people. Therefore, it is our goal to create an affordable propulsion system based on solar energy, with which people in developing countries can power their vehicles from old parts.

For this purpose, we are working on the development of a mass-produced Powerbox, which is the heart of the drive system. It consists of a potentiometer, an Arduino and a controller. The potentiometer acts as an electronic accelerator. The Arduino then prepares the gas signal for the controller, which converts the DC voltage of the batteries into a three-phase AC voltage according to the load requirement, with which the motor can be operated. Together they control a generator converted to an electric motor, which is powered by old car batteries and charged by solar cells.

The further development and cost reduction through optimisation of this power box are the core tasks of our team.

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