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Make a difference in Gambia’s transportation with a sponsorship of our scrap solar vehicle kit.

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In Africa, mobility is not universal. Hardly anyone can afford their own car. Even public transport is expensive and unreliable. The way to work, school or the nearest market is therefore a daily challenge.

But what if we could simply use existing resources to improve mobility in countries like The Gambia?

We are Gambia Solar Energy

We, a group of students, have developed a drive system for a solar-assisted vehicle. The vehicle can be completely assembled from old parts, making it an affordable and sustainable solution for transport.

What We Do

We are Doer’s

The drive system, consisting of a controller, Arduino and a potentiometer, can be installed in an individually constructed vehicle with the help of a detailed manual.

Our Mission

Our Mission

100% Solar Energy

A solar panel on the roof of the vehicle charges the vehicle’s battery. No combustion engine, no CO2 emissions.

Reuse existing Resources

Vehicles e. g. cars, tricycles and boats can be individually designed according to one’s own requirements. Scrap can be used for assembly.


By using existing resources, the construction is cost-effective, making mobility accessible to many people.

Suitable for Everyday Use

Vehicles can be constructed as loading trolleys, for example. This also makes it possible to transport several people and objects.

Creating future Prospects

The vehicles can be produced locally and people can set up their own business. We share our expertise to train young people.

Global mobility Solution

We also want to make mobility affordable in other sunny regions, with a focus on third world countries.

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Our Partners

Hochschule Esslingen
Bena Bena
Bena Bena
Bena Bena
Bena Bena

The project is supported by funds from the State of Baden-Württemberg via the Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg (SEZ)

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