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GASOLEN goes Instagram!

One of the goals of this year’s GASOLEN team is the use of new channels for communication. In addition to traditional media such as press, radio, etc., new media such as social media are also to be used. Communication on different platforms and channels enables contact with several target groups.

Nowadays, Instagram is considered both a personal blog and a marketing opportunity through the presentation of one’s own portfolio or project. For our project, such a platform serves very well, because we have the possibilities to share all content of our project with pictures and contributions, as well as live videos. Since it is also in our interest to increase the awareness of GASOLEN, no platform could serve better than Instagram because the entire world is connected by it.

Since social media is used all over the world and there is also a mobile network in Gambia, we have many opportunities to communicate with the outside world.
For potential sponsors and interested parties, such a platform can also serve as a business card. Since almost every company and organization has a social media account, this type of communication is becoming increasingly popular. The chat functions and the shopping feature also make it possible to distribute merch and raise funds for the benefit of the project.
The GASOLEN project thus presents itself to the world for everyone who is interested and wants to participate.

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